Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Sitting Waiting For Inspiration

In his book “You Can Have What You Want”, Michael Neill suggests taking time out to sit in a chair and only move when you feel absolutely inspired to do so.

So, I put aside my busy schedule. I choose my chair and I sit, waiting for inspiration to strike.

A vision of the laundry basket piled high with ironing hovers above me. Desperately necessary, yes. Inspirational, no.
I continue to sit.

Check my emails? Tackle online banking?

Suddenly I get a strong urge to get up and empty the dishwasher. I do it. I go straight back to my comfy chair.

It feels good.
I sit. I’m happy just to sit.

I look around the room. I take in all the bright colours, the shapes.

I look out the window at the trees blowing in the breeze. It’s a gorgeous day. I study the shape of the branches, the leaves. I’ve never noticed how tall the trees are. How each one has its own individual characteristic that makes it unique.

I sit.

I watch the brightly coloured grouse make one of its occasional appearances in my front garden. I follow it with my eyes till it disappears around the corner.

I sit.

A million thoughts come into my head and, as quickly as they come, they are gone.

I sit.

Inspiration hits me hard and propels me out of the seat. I switch on the TV, I hook up my karaoke machine and I spend the next two hours singing at the top of my voice. Other than the postie giving me a wave of amusement, I’m in my own world and it feels good.

Work can wait. The house can wait. The outside world can wait.

Sometimes life is just about sitting.

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